If you are a local the Spirit Lake area, come visit our yoga and barre studio located within Allure & Co.!  

The Studio Yoga and Barre offers a wide variety of classes to help grow your physical, mental and emotional health.  

 C  L  A  S  S  E  S

V I  N Y A S A   Y O G A

“Vinyasa” is the Sanskrit word for “flow.” Known for its flowing movements that smoothly transition from pose to pose. Each class varies in style and intensity.

Y I N   Y O G A

A slow-paced style that holds poses for long periods of time (with a focus on breathing). Yin targets the connective tissues (joints and ligaments) and is a compliment to the high-paced forms of exercise that work muscles.

V I N / Y I N  Y O G A

“The best of both worlds!” Combines a vinyasa flow with time spent on yin poses that hold positions for extended periods of time. These classes usually end with extra time given for relaxing meditation.

F L O W  Y O G A

Much like Vinyasa, but with time spent on holding poses for strength and balance. We will also breakdown certain poses to work on proper alignment and technique.

G E N T L E   Y O G A

A class for those at the beginning stages of their practice. It incorporates a vinyasa flow and some yin poses. Extra time is given for describing poses and helping you get into the correct position.

P O W E R   Y O G A

A fast paced flow, with an emphasis on poses that increase strength, stamina and flexibility — while reducing stress. Perfect if you want a good “workout!”

Y O G A   S C U L P T

Similar to Power Yoga, these classes combine vinyasa flow with extra time given to muscle toning through squats, core work and arm shaping.


A combination of yoga, Pilates, dance, and weight training, set to motivating music! The goal is a full-body workout that includes cardio, coordination, flexibility AND muscle shaping. Some of the moves incorporate the dance bar to help with balance. Equipment is used in most classes.


$14 walk in // $110 for 10 classes // Yoga & Barre monthly membership $90